At the most inhospitable place on the planet, local communities have learned to observe and listen to the wise advice of the earth, enabling them to coexist peacefully with their natural environment.

The world doesn't belong to us, we are just one more species of billion others, we are sharing it. We need to be conscious.

Dare to see the world with different eyes, to inspire others and to capture our natures beauty. Now you can see that it is possible to live in harmony with the environment.

The wilderness of Patagonia has shaped the way we see the world; it has inspired us to see beyond the obvious and taken us to reflect upon our essence as human beings.

With Karün you are part of this change.

- I am one more inhabitant of the earth. 
- I value, cherish and protect life in all of its forms. 
- I am conscious about pollution and the mistreatment of natural species. 
- I join the hope of a planet that’s always alive. 
- I support actions which look to repair the damage we have caused to nature. 
- I spread my respect for life. 
- I see the world from a different point of view. 


Spread the message.
Let's start changing today. 


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inspired by nature

Our design Philosophy is not based on inventing new stuff, but in observing and learning from our planet.
Nature is the greatest teacher and inventor.


Our Ocean Collection was inspired by the different whales which inhabit our Patagonian seas and the marine currents found in them. 
There are two different currents; once they converge, life begins. Generating a great amount of biodiversity, like many different whale species.

wood collection



We know we are not perfect, but we want to make sure that we contribute as much as we can in everything we do.
We work locally with what nature has to offer and with what we humans have discarded.

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recycled fishing nets

An estimated 10% of the world’s ocean plastic pollution comes from discarded fishing nets. 
By reusing and turning them into high quality products we are helping to prevent one of the most harmful forms of ocean plastic from entering our oceans.

Reclaimed Native Wood

Patagonia is one of the most virgin places in the world, inhabited by native forests full of magic and life. We use wind fallen, native 300-year-old oak trees to carefully craft our wood collection.
Frames that come with a scent of the end of the world…


Changing the way the production processes in hard goods work is not an easy task. We are committed to substantially change the way businesses operate in every aspect of the business, yet we are conscious that it is an ongoing process in which we need to advance step by step. We know we are not perfect and there is still much to improve, but we are making sure we are being as responsible as it is possible in every step of our production process.

sourcing of raw materials

Made responsibly and collaboratively with local rural communities in Patagonia.

More info in "Social empowerment"


Our raw materials are sourced in Chile. Our production is done in one of the finest factories in Italy. Conscious of the transportation consequences on the environment, we plan it as responsibly as we can, continuously improving our ways of working. To minimize carbon footprint during transportation, raw materials are reduced in size and volume and shipping methods are responsibly selected.

Production in Italy

We want to make products that last a lifetime so that we can reduce consumption. Most of our manufacturing is made in Italy with our long-term partners in factories that ensure excellent working conditions for their employees and that are actively working with their own local communities and in the protection of their natural surroundings; The factory is even located just outside a national park!

handmade in Chile

We are making sure to produce as much as we can locally in Chile. Not only do we source our raw materials in Chile, but we are helping to give opportunity to local craftsmen in order to preserve their crafts and traditions while creating real handmade works of art in our workshop in Chile.

Social empowerment

We are currently working on a collaboration with two other B Corps to create a unique programme that can empower rural entrepreneurs while helping them to recycle their wastes and fund their own sustainable entrepreneurships in a way that this is integrated into our supply chain.

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a great team

We don't consider ourselves to be just a company.
Companies are nothing more than the sum of the people in it and the common dream they share.
Everything we do is a reflection of the dream of a great group of people sharing similar values and way of life. We are working as hard as we can to prove through example that we can change the way we interact with ourselves and our planet. Love is what guides us in every decision and we are committed to work through collaboration, empathy and transparency in everything we do.

We invite you to look at the world from a different point of view

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