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What if I want to change my product?

Exchanges are accepted within 7 days after receiving the product.
To make this change effective, please follow the next steps:
1. Contact to request and register the exchange.
2. Include your personal information – order information – model you wish to have in exchange.
3. Follow the instructions given by our customer service. Note that:
1. The returned items must be new and with no signs of use. A quality check will be performed.
2. You are responsible for sending back the order and taking in charge the costs related to that. We will take care of the costs of shipping your “exchange" model back to you.
Do not send your products to our distributors, as they do not offer the warranty services.
For more information please contact us directly at

What is the difference between polarized & non polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses counteract glare, providing a more focused vision. Vision in bright sunlight is perceived as considerably more relaxing and less fatiguing.

Why do the frames of my 7 Seas eye wear get darker with time?

With time and use they get darker because we do not use any chemicals in the production process. They are made of 100% recycled fishing nets providing the color and texture.


If you are experiencing any problems with your product, please contact us directly at in order to give you the best service we can.
Do not contact our distributors, as they do not offer this services.


What does Karün mean?

Karün means "to be nature" in Mapudungun (Native language of the ancestral indigenous people from Chile: Mapuche)

Why is the environment so important to you?

For us, it is really important the close relationship nature has with everything that surrounds us. In Karün we work with the environment as a constant source of inspiration and in all of our designs. Our concern comes from the continuous observation of the natural world. We want to separate ourselves from the current economic model used by many companies, which generates too much waste and pollution, and get closer to the natural cycle of life where everything is reused and nothing is lost. We need to be conscious. We can not take this planet for granted.

Why produced in Italy?

Our frames are handmade in Italy with the latest technologies, ensuring that we meet the best quality standards of the industry.


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Östermalmsgatan 26A
114 26 Stockholm
Company's registered ID: 559082-4776

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